Thursday, 7 May 2009


Today marks our 5th anniversary. S is playing netball tonight and I'm anticipating a peaceful night. Took the day off from work and walked along the riverside until I got to the now empty factory where Matchbox toys were made. 'Lesney Industries', the building proclaims in dusty metal lettering. I have been to Homerton Hospital to get the small growth on my cheek looked at. Have to go back on June 4 for an op to have it removed and sent for analysis. Earlier this evening bumped in to S at the flat. She had come home early having heard that some 'announcement' was going to be made tomorrow - most certainly about job cuts and/or restructuring. Never a good time for this but not a good time around now. Went from the flat after S left for her netball practice and had a leisurely walk to the doctors. Got a repeat prescription for my scalp condition and talked about snoring and relationship counselling.

Came back to boat around 8 and read a bit of Diary of a Nobody until it got too dark to continue. Missing S. Will make a nice mug of Horlicks and turn in shortly.

The bubbles are active around the boat and radio 4 has Bill Bryson talking about science... and plugging his new book.

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