Friday, 8 May 2009


Took the 476 back to the boat. It took slightly longer than going via the tube to Tottenham Hale and walking along the riverside. The bus journey was uneventful but more comfortable than the tube. At least I can get a seat as the 476 starts its journey where I get on. Was going to get a pint of milk on the way back but decided that existing supplies would suffice for tonight and tomorrow morning. Emailed S this afternoon... No certain news from S about the restructuring of her team. She expects to hear something tomorrow. She might end up at Totenham Depot but she would be happier staying where she is.

Still no licence from BW despite them taking the money from my bank account. Expect some busybody to point out the obvious soon as I haven't put up some explanatory note as is so often seen on boats with out of date licences on display.

Just before leaving the office picked up a sales call on my Blackberry. It was from my bank offering to review my financial situation. Wasn't in the mood and agreed they should contact me again early next week.

Its nearly night now and the boat is being gently buffeted by the wind and currents of the river. The wind generator is struggling to find a rythmn in the lee of the trees adjacent to the towpath despite the stiff breeze that has been with us the last few days.

Have nearly finished Diary of a Nobody and will slope off to bed soon. Missing S. We have a few things to talk about.

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