Friday, 17 April 2009


Biked along the tow-path to work this morning - from cabin to desk took about 45 minutes - actual cycle time probaby more like 30 to 35 mins. Certainly coming back to the boat this evening took around 30 minutes cycle time. It's still a bit of a palaver to get the bike to fold as it should. Just out of practice methinks.

The boat is rapidly being defeated by bits of falling tree - a trifle of sticky droplets, leaves, pollen, twigs and small leaves - whole and part. The boat looks a bit of a mess after s's efforts to clean the outside of the cabin. It looked lovely then - at Paddington Basin.

It's just gone eight and I've just cut the engine after around 20 minutes of battery charging. Not sure if I'm imagining things but the engine seems to be vibrating more than it should. The old Lister is hardly whisper-like even at tick-over but there does seem something harsh about the beast at the moment. One sunny weekend I'll get the back deck up and have a poke around....Mmmmmm, that sounds like I know what I'm looking for.

A plane flying overhead just made a momentary roar. Sounded like a wounded spirit.

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